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Since I've moved to New York, most of my site is still down, and will be until I can get hosting setup.

About Me


Currently I am a full-time Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Cincinnati in Computer Science under the guidance of Professor John Schlipf.

My research areas are logic & mathematical foundations, with a focus in finite model theory & descriptive complexity, and evolving algebras / abstract state machines. I'm trying to use the developments in these areas towards new methods of formal verification / static code analysis. See my research page for more information.

I hope to be finished with my Ph.D. within the next year.

My other interests include my lovely wife Meghan, our two cats (Gödel and Huey), gardening, writing, mountain biking, Go, and general computer nerd-ery.

I'm also an avid developer, with a few open-source projects of my own and I contribute to others. You can see some of my projects on my software page.

A Frequently Asked Question

The image at the top-left of this site contains the faces of various logicians. They are, in order from left to right, L. E. J. Brouwer, Bertrand Russell, Kurt Gödel, Gerhard Gentzen, Alfred Tarski, Solomon Feferman, Jon Barwise, and John Schlipf (my PhD advisor).

The image at the top-right of the site is “Puffy”, the OpenBSD mascot.

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