Display Ordinal

There are two parts to this program:
  1. A small program whose source you can download, that prints the set-theoretic representation of a natural number (ordinal).
    Download: DisplayOrdinal.tar.gz, Man-Page: man DisplayOrdinal
  2. This website, with a form below where you can enter a natural number and have its ordinal representation shown.

Enter the natural number (i.e. a positive integer such as 0,1,2,...) that you wish to view the ordinal/set-theoretic expansion of.
NOTE: Start small! For any number greater than 10, the construction will take some time. The construction is done in JavaScript, so it is your computer that will be building the ordinal.

Remember that the ordinals are defined as follows:
NOTE: You must click the "Show Me!" button. Hitting Enter will not work.