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xstatbar is a simple system monitor that shows various stats in an X window that's immovable and not part of your tab-order. I built it to go with tiling window managers like scrotwm spectrwm and xmonad where you can configure a small region of the screen as “off-limits” for windows.


The stats shown are:


04 August 2010: Version 0.5 Released
The new version adds a new '-t' and '-T' switches to specify the time format. See the man page for details.
12 May 2010: Bug-Fix for 0.4
Verion 0.4p0 has been released, fixing a bug on single-core 32-bit machines that caused CPU information to be skewed.
10 February 2010: Version 0.4 Released
Version 0.4 has been released. Cleaned up the collection and reporting of the audio stats. Added reporting of the number of processes. Swap usage is now only reported if there is any swap space being used.
2 December 2009: Version 0.3 Released
Version 0.3 has now been released. Updates include smaller graphs, cleaner code, and the ability to specify the font used for text. Can also vary the width of the display.
1 November 2009: Version 0.2 Released
Version 0.2 has now been released. Updates include reporting of battery status with estimate of time remaning, volume info, and for multicore/multiprocessor systems, a display for each CPU as opposed to the previous combined display.


All documentation is located in the provided man page, which can be viewed online here: xstatbar(1).


Obligatory. Click each to embiggen.

Download & Installation

The current version of xstatbar can be downloaded here: xstatbar-0.5.tgz.

Build Dependencies:
Runtime Dependencies:
Building & Installing
The following should suffice:
         $ make install 
By default, xstatbar and its man page are installed under /usr/local/{bin,man}. If you don't like this, edit the relevant variables in the Makefile to your liking first.
Simply remove the xstatbar binary and man page, which are installed by default as
  • /usr/local/bin/xstatbar
  • /usr/local/man/man1/xstatbar.1

Roadmap (Future Work)

Long term goals (i.e. not for a while!):